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The Changing Enterprise Security Landscape


With the changing enterprise security scenario, CIOs need to revise their IT strategies to combat the new issues rising in the industry. Data center operators are investing time and efforts to provide secure solutions by being compliant to the required security standards.

Over the course of time, security has changed significantly, from one where everything was locked to the maximum amount, to a more open approach that promotes communication beyond organizational boundaries. As the smartphone trend has made its move, IT managers need to rethink their organization's security strategies. So how do they do it? Here are a few ways that IT operators can consider.

Using the ideal tool

Organizations must look into a data security solution that is evenly distributed similar to their data and infrastructure. This means that the security features must be assigned in equal proportion to all the instances in the data center such as across physical, virtual and cloud ecosystem. Using the ideal tool will provide better control and threat defense within the data center. This visibility will further help them to detect threat in the network instantly, recognize the intensity of the breach and enable them to act in real-time to seal the gaps so that they can prevent future occurrences.

An easy solution to manage

Organizations are often burdened with a great deal of complex security tools along with hardware-based solutions that are not scalable. What's even more challenging is that many of these organization do not have the required skill set for managing the complicated bunch of security tools, which makes the business more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Thus, organization must consider choosing easy security solution that is scalable, automatic and smart, which will make security a more easy function to manage.

A comprehensive attempt

Organizations need to think beyond the basic concepts of security and put in some efforts to gather around all internal stakeholders to together deal with the security issues. Moreover, its is not simply the security challenges that organizations will have to face, but legal and regulatory hurdles as well. Organizations that experience a range of security breaches along with penalty and fines could have an effect on companies reputation and business practice. However, organizations can avoid such aftermath by implementing the right security approaches that will better protect company's business data.

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