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Can data center outsourcing make your business more innovative?


With the growing data and storage needs of businesses by sustaining the cost management, data centers are posed with many more challenges. Data center managers need to come up with right technological innovations so that they can effectively deliver the reliable and advanced services to the enterprises.

Not only this, they have to do a lot of Arithmetic too, to estimate the right level of investment of money as well as the expertise to sustain the data center infrastructure and for business continuity. Many a times, enterprises who outsource their data centers get the benefits of latest sophisticated infrastructure which may cost a fortune in case of an in-house data center. This is one of the many benefits of DCO.

Here are some benefits of Data Center Outsourcing that make your business more innovative
  • Uptime: SLA is an instrumental factor in outsourced data center services. If the provider fails to deliver the SLA agreed, the user may ask to compensate for it. Uptime SLA varies from one provider to other. Tier levels of data centers define the resiliency of the facilities. Tier 1 data centers are designed to offer 99.671% of uptime. Tier 2 data centers are engineered to maintain 99.741% server availability. Tier 3 has the capacity to deliver 99.982 server uptime while Tier 4 data centers can manage to deliver 99.995% of uptime.
  • Risk Management: When data storage and maintenance is distributed at different locations, ideally 100-500 miles apart, then it means much more safety. In the case of any disaster at one location, the data remains safe at the other location.
  • Reduced Costs: in the outsourced data centers, large scale operations lead to distributed infrastructure costs which make; it affordable for users and enterprises.
  • Tax benefits: Different data center markets have different taxation rates. The leading markets offer great tax benefits in comparison to other secondary data center markets. So outsourcing your data center to such locations will mean a better price.
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