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Bridging the loop between Smart hosting servers and Traditional servers


There are new technologies evolving every day, coming with new challenges to CIOs as they can’t entirely transform their IT setup and the digital business. Experts suggest that CIOs need to bridge the gap between the latest smart hosting servers and their traditional IT models, to gain efficiency and overcome digital challenges. It will act as a smart way of optimizing resources, by connecting the two worlds- the conventional with the smart hybrid hosting servers. The industry analysts are calling it a bi-modal IT system.

Bimodal IT system gives the necessary balance to the business resources to deliver optimum efficiency. In Bimodal IT approach, i.e. conventional technology will sustain the reliability, scalability, safety and efficiency whereas mode 2 i.e. the modern approach is fast, agile and less-risk prone.

Through the adoption of this Bi-modal IT system, there will be a change in trends of IT expenditure. Currently, 38% of global IT spending has been spent outside IT, mainly on digital activities and this figure is a forecast to grow to 50% in next 2 years.

The reasons why smart organizations should bridge the gap between Smart Hybrid hosting & Bare-Metal servers, and better choose Bimodal IT system!

Keeps the organization competitive: Bimodal IT system is about taking the mid-way and integrating the traditional core IT resources with the latest technologies. This will allow efficient use of resources and the latest technological approach will redefine the business.

Fast IT Operations: Bi-modal IT system provides with the combination of benefits which not only makes it unique but it also offers great speed, high efficiency and reliability.

Experimentation leads to Innovation: Experimenting with different modes of IT operations will lead to innovative solutions and deliver best results.

Businesses can amplify their business results with enterprise bimodal IT system i.e. by bridging the gap between traditional hosting and smart hybrid hosting.

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