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Best Reasons to choose Acronis Backup and recovery


Acronis is a highly customizable, cost-efficient data protection software, and it is easily integrated with business automation platforms. Acronis backup provides with best solutions that are easy and safe. Acronis backup service solution fix problems related to data protection challenges with the help of easy to manage service that backups data from any source to any destination and recovers individual files, hard drives, and the whole system easily and quickly. Data is a part of a business affair with no end. As data rotates from servers to servers there is a high probability of data misplacement. A Company strives relies and thrives on data as it is a part of business culture, data loss can put the company into liabilities and problems. Acronis backup gives uninterrupted workflow, in bad times the company should ensure data security, strong backup and keep the data within safe boundaries. Acronis backup provides protection from ransomware as it is ruining data by its attacking business computers, hacking and locking files which are important for business. Acronis provides easy and affordable deployment as many enterprises are found troubling with storage cost as they go for data backup strategy. There are three factors in which a company needs to pay for data security that is the size of the data, users who have accessibility to it and backup environment complexity. There is a storage duplication software in Acronis which waves out unwanted files and backup. Most SMB’s choose Acronis backup services to get their data protected in event of hardware failure, viruses, loss or theft of devices, data leakage, security breaches, user errors and problems with software or hardware upgrade. In order to have a quick recovery and a copy in the event of disaster SMB’s are looking in implementing a hybrid protection strategy. With Acronis backup service, SMB’s can reduce IT workload and improve productivity. Acronis disaster recovery service is a hybrid cloud, it provides all in one solution for the backup, data retention needs, disaster recovery and provides flexible recovery time up to 15 min. or less per server. Acronis provides features like hybrid: local cloud, windows or Linux, physical or virtual any hypervisor, storage-independence, push-button recovery, and multiple data transports. Acronis replicates the systems, storage, and the installed software onto ann premises appliance and into one of our cloud data centers.

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