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Best MS SQL database Migration Techniques


SQL server is a database management concept based on relational model. Usually it serves as an ideal storage management option for finance based business/industry, manufacturers and supply chain based companies where record keeping job is very critical.

SQL server by Microsoft is an application for storing and data recovery on all the computers linked on a network. Migrating Microsoft SQL server from one machine to the other is a serious issue. It requires meticulous efforts and robust techniques.

Below are some considerable factors for migrating MS SQL from one location to other
Firstly, take some steps for testing the efficiency and accuracy of the process
  • Ensure disk space on the new server should be enough. If not, add space to the new server so that it can store the database.
  • Stop the running applications while SQL migration process
  • Identify how much time and space will be required for the complete database migration
  • Plan your MS SQL database migration efficiently to meet the deadline
  • Keep a backup plan ready if any application fails to perform well
Some of the best MS SQL database migration techniques
  • Make sure you create an exact copy of SQL server keeping all the instances just the same including msdb and master as well as user database.
  • Restoration settings too has to be the same. For this you need to keep same database edition otherwise database recovery will not be possible. Database restoration will not happen if the server configuration will be different from the original server.
  • Always make sure you have the updated version of drive if you want user database restoration. The lower version will not help in restoration process.
  • Copy and save the system database at a secured location.
  • Also remember to rename the original file by adding the extension “.backup”
  • Once the migration is successfully done, copy all the back ups on the new server.
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