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Benefits of Data Encryption in Cloud


Encryption could protect digital asset of companies if deployed correctly. As security concerns among organizations is increasing only, encryption seems to be the viable choice while experts claim it to be the linchpin of data privacy. Although implementing data encryption can be daunting, it is an enabler for achieving flexibility, compliance and information privacy, which is demanded highly by current businesses.

With organization moving their mission-critical data to cloud, encryption has become inevitable. Below are the advantages of encrypting data on cloud, an effective step to data protection.

Helps move to the cloud

While most organization consider cloud storage as not a secure place to locate crucial business data, encryption makes everything seem easier and better. As data is stored on a remote server, your competitor's data might be sitting in the same server. This what makes end-users worry even more. But encryption enables you take advantage of data center services while your data still secure in its place. Make sure your data is encrypted in flight and even while in use or at rest. When you have control of the encrypted keys, you know your data is safe even if it is located off site.

Secures multi-tenancy

In case of multi-tenant environment, there are a number of organizations residing on the same server, using same resources and other services offered by the service provider. Encryption separates user data from other instances and each tenant has its own key that will work only for their data, thus keeping your data safe in the same environment.

Helps with regulation compliance

When it comes to data security, Payment Card Industry (PCI) and HIPAA has some strict guidelines on customer data protection. These committee consider data encryption as a core element to keep consumers' digital data safe in IT environment. Such crucial regulation compliance can be addressed through data encryption as organizations overlooking data encryption could fall out of compliance.

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