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A Bad Web Host Can Be Risky For Your Business


While business is dear to every entrepreneur, they also need to realize the side effects of a bad web host. Like the familiar saying goes, a web hosting company can make or break your website, but if you ensure to sketch out right strategies, it could help you with signing up with the ideal web host.

Aside from uptime guarantee, security and availability, many other factors require your attention. We have mentioned a few below that will guide you through:

Know what you need

As a website owner, stay clear of your requirements. If you need a dedicated server to support your big data and huge traffic, go for a hosting provider that assures to deliver highly advanced security features. If you have started afresh, a shared hosting would be just reliable, however, make sure your host allows you to scale features so that when you need to upgrade, you can easily do so.

Compare price and features

From minimum to maximum, web host will have the most to offer you, but you need to get the best deal. Considerations to make here is to compare features and price both with each other, just to ascertain the true value of the product for its price. Avoid companies that offer intensely expensive services for nothing. Be a smart buyer, you’ll surely make a great deal.

Stay away from blacklisted IPs

Not one, but there are many reasons to avoid using blacklisted IP because it is similar to spamming your system. Interacting online might generate issues, as most users tend to raise flag against such IP addresses. So have a conversation with the service provider and get an idea of the IP addresses they provide.

Create regular backups

Now you know why you require regular backups. Certainly, to avoid turning your mission-critical data and applications into nothing and mind you this can be truly costly. Backups are created on hourly, daily or monthly basis (hourly is preferred because it develops a fresh copy of the newly updated application or software instantly), and make sure the web host offers all of them.

If you still think that web hosts matters least in running your online business, then you’re absolutely wrong. Your web host is responsible for keeping your website up and running always and if your site turns down all the time, it can seriously affect your business. And no user wants to deal with slow, inefficient sites that will directly result in revenue loss. Every second counts and every moment you’re losing money. Therefore, make sure to find a web hosts that meets all the specifics that we’ve mentioned above.

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