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Asia-Pacific Data Center Growth


The data center market in Asia-Pacific regions are emerging at a very fast pace in recent times. Many experts believe India is going to be the 2nd largest market for data centers by 2015.

There are various favorable factors contributing toward the growth of Asia-Pacific data center growth

Massive Population Strength:

The most powerful factor contributing in this magnificent growth of data center industry in Asia-Pacific regions is the high population levels of the nations in these regions. China being the most populous nation and India just following with the 2nd rank. The interesting fact about India's population is that approx 75% of its population constitutes of youth. This is the main reason behind the rapid increase in number of internet users. A reputed IT company has mentioned that Asia's internet users have grown equal to the entire population of Canada in 3rd quarter of year.

Economic growth:

No one can deny the fast economic and industrial progress at an unbelievable speed in China, Japan and India. Especially India, the country has seen the IT boom recently and is continually growing henceforth. It has also developed multiple special IT cities equipped with excellent infrastructure. All this pose a great opportunities for growth of data center industry in Asia-Pacific nations.

Popularization of Cloud Technology:

These Asia-Pacific nations have newer data centers coming up with better infrastructure which can effectively meet the requirements of newest cloud computing architecture as compared to the older counterparts in the western nations.

Many-faced growth:

Simultaneous growth of various industries is one of the signs of a developing nation. Sectors including banking, telecom, pharma, insurance, railways, even government-owned industry and many others are growing at the same instant. Consequently, resulting into the parallel growth and demands for IT resources/infrastructure.

Major portion of the growing businesses belong to the eCommerce sector which can't function without a well optimized website. Moreover, the enterprises now have their IT budget allocation, irrespective of their size of business. It has added to the speed of growth of Data Center industry in Asia-Pacific nations.

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