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Are You All Set for Software-defined Everything?


The next latest buzzword in the industry is software-defined data, software-defined storage and software-defined networks, and these are a part of bigger trend which is probably called the software-defined everything. Last year, many events in the IT industry didn't quite make an impression when it came to software-managed IT ecosystem whereas now, the term is seen to play a big part of the innovative IT world. However, what most IT leader think is that software-defined everything is more of a concept than a reality in the current situation, but it will gain momentum quickly.

As organizations are more focused on digitally transforming their business, they taking every opportunity that can drive change for their enterprise, now and in future. With continuous pressure of transformation, organizations are considering the adoption of software-defined everything (SDx)and related technologies and adding it to their business modules. But when considering to go for Sdx, organizations need to be prepared to deploy the right solutions. With all said, here are few things you need to take into account.

Purchasing decisions

Organizations must make a unified purchasing decision. For instance, if an organizations is making storage purchase, probably the storage team will come with a suggestion; same goes for other components. But for all to work holistically, everyone's contribution as one is needed. This can only work if people show more interest and get deeply involved in decision making, which means people from different disciplines must understand each area so that they can make an informed decision to deliver better results.


After getting people interested in purchasing decisions, what comes next is addressing the budgets. It is likely to develop organizational stress if teams that do have have proper budget control makes a contribution into buying strategies. Take for example, networking team is incharge, what would happen as a result if compute team makes an input suggesting the purchase of more expensive solution?

Performance metrics

In a siloed environment, performance metrics tend to be focused more on availability than end-user experience. For instance, the availability of networking team will be largely based on overall downtime in a given period. But downtime is considered as an inefficient approach to defining productivity and experience and thus, in a software-defined ecosystem, performance should be based on and applied across all the teams.

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