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Are Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Inaccessible For SMBs?


Business Disaster stands no different for small and medium organizations. In fact, they are more prone to disruptions because even with a minor interruption, the company can incur huge losses. Most SMBs get confused with the two terms: business continuity plan and disaster recovery. They are often tangled between the two concepts and find it difficult to decide what would best suit their requirement.

Business Continuity and disaster recovery are different terms with distinct roles to play. While disaster recovery helps in getting your business back on track after a catastrophic event, business continuity ensure to rise the fallen company by turning it operational during a disaster. In short, a BCP plan ensures that all the personnel have access to equipment in order to allow them to work in the advent of an occurrence.

Is it too expensive to afford?

Previously, BCP and DR services were inaccessible for SMBs because developing a secondary data center was alone too expensive. Recovery and continuity plan involves many technical aspects that need to be looked upon such as finding a secondary location far enough from the primary site, investing heavily on hardware and components and creating copies of all essential data. This made several organizations to step back and run the business without any security plan.

However, now the scenario is different and the evolution has enabled SMBs to take advantage of the service without breaking the bank. Most data centers offer affordable recovery option that is giving an opportunity to the SMBs to build a shield for their business. Currently, there are multiple recovery choices accessible such as cloud backup solutions, virtualizations, electronic-based vaulting, etc.

Cloud disaster recovery is the most popular and strategic solution available because it is highly efficient and cost-effective.

Every business demands security measures so that they can remain up and running even when the toughest disaster occurs. Therefore, it is better to keep your business covered with a strongest recovery and continuity plan.

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