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App Migration into PaaS: Integrating Legacy applications with latest Digital Systems


PaaS, short for ‘Platform as a Service’ is a cloud solution where the user is provided with a computing platform empowering enterprises to be able to access the benefits of cloud and meet the business specific needs. The organizations are able to maintain the control on their business software with PaaS cloud solution.

Evolving digital technologies have changed the way businesses function. Responsive web, IMs, search engine, social media, eCommerce, cloud technologies are driving the working of the businesses and impacting the results. It has made the things much convenient, cost effective and agile but integrating the new technologies with legacy IT infrastructure is quite a challenge.

The enterprise cannot discard everything, rather re-invent the existing applications by seamlessly integrating it with latest digital eco-system. So, apart from huge investments, enterprises will need to undergo a complete transformation to modernize the entire process and existing traditional technologies.

How can it be done?

Applications in the cloud environment are different from the applications in the traditional IT ecosystem. Before planning an application migration strategy, it is important to understand business objectives and goals. Organizational priorities, cost, possibilities, and limitations should be assessed and calculated beforehand.

Firstly, a cloud-based application platform will enable the enterprises to develop and deploy new services through APIs or SaaS in a cost-effective way. Once the application platform is installed, existing applications can be migrated into the cloud.  There may be certain security and compliance issues with few of the legacy applications, which can be sorted out by using hybrid cloud models. Still, if there are some critical compliance issues then integration of those applications with newly digitized cloud assets will enable a reliable and effective IT system.

Migrating the legacy applications to PaaS or any other cloud hosting solution enables the enterprises leverage their existing resources to the modern digital environment. It ultimately extends and strengthens the sustainability of the organization shaping its futuristic potential and possibilities.

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