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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Backup Services


Since you have invested in cloud computing, it is equally essential to avail the cloud backup service so as to maintain and manage your data. Basically, it is just like any other backup process that involves protecting all your essential data against specific risks. Here, users store their backup files on an external remote server that allows them to access their data at any time from any location via Internet. However, there are certain pros and cons of cloud backup service. Let’s get to know them.

Advantages of Cloud Backup

Stores your data on an external server

The second copy of your data is stored on a remote server, so in the case of internal server breakdown or any sort of disaster, you can recover all of your important data stored on the cloud storage. Unlike tape recovery that usually involved a long procedure in retrieving, recovering your file from cloud storage is easier and faster since it literally doesn’t require physical transport from the storage location.

Ability to access your file via the internet

Even if you are located miles away from the cloud storage location, you can access your data at anytime from anywhere through the internet.

It is highly affordable

Many business organizations are opting for cloud storage since it is a cost-effective approach to secure a large amount of data, instead of investing in a private server and the resources required to maintain it. The cost of storage varies depending on the user’s requirement.

Reduces maintenance cost

The service provider offers a range of privileges to its users like they use modern, high-tech infrastructure to store the server, so you are assured your server is situated at an ideal place. Further, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance since the service providers entirely monitor and maintain the servers and also keeps a check on its upgrades and other technical needs.

Disadvantages of Cloud Backup

Requires high internet connectivity

It needs high internet speed to obtain your data and in the case of network issue, you won’t be able to access your folder. So make sure you have a good internet connection that will let you complete the procedure smoothly, without any interruptions.

Data is stored on a third-party server

Though backing up your server on an external server is a great option, it can also be a drawback. If anything goes wrong with the third-party server, your data will be definitely lost. Additionally, there are also instances of data blending with other organizations. Therefore, you must consider doing some homework from your end and find a trusted and valued cloud service provider that will offer top-level security and contending services. Consider this factor as extremely important as you will be sharing all your private data and credentials as well.

Determine the bandwidth allowance

Certain service providers allow unlimited bandwidth, but there are several other providers that offer limited allowance and can charge you additional cost if you surpass the allotment. This is certainly a matter of concern and thus, organizations must ensure their bandwidth allowance from the service provider when they opt for cloud storage.

Given the fact, you must always consider backing up your data in order to keep your file safe and secured. In addition, you can find several cloud storage providers offering finest cloud solutions at considerably less price.  

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