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7 key criteria for illustrating state-of-art data centers


There is explosion of data with the increasing dependence on internet which has led to accumulative growth in numbers of internet users, year-over-year. Traditional and obsolete data centers will not be able to meet the challenges posed by rapidly growing data computing needs. Outdated technologies and lack of redundant infrastructure at traditional data centers may not be able to maintain the failover and business continuity. This has led to rise in demand for state-of-art data centers which is ready to surge cloud computing, huge internet content and mission critical business data.

However, many providers claim their data centers to be cutting-edge facilities, but all may not be true. Avoid falling prey to such fake claims and be an informed user.

Here are 7 key criteria that illustrate state-of-art data centers -
  1. N+1 infrastructure: Redundant facilities with N+1 infrastructure means surplus/backup for power supply, network, load balancers and multiple HVAC systems which are essential for failover and to sustain business continuity.
  2. 99% uptime SLA: The providers with state of art centers will ensure Zero downtime. Only the trusted providers offer with 99.99% server uptime SLA guarantee. They will have industry best disaster recovery services, security model and redundant infrastructure deployed at their sites.
  3. Secured: High degree of security is another crucial factor for business data. So, the modern age data centers have multi-layered security system at the premises including bio-metric access, 24x7 CCTV surveillance and trained security staff to dismiss any kind of security threat.
  4. Measurable performance benefits: When it’s a cutting-edge data center, the results shall be measurable in relation to cost and performance benefits.
  5. Growth: Another criteria for world class data centers is its constant growth, in terms of increasing server capacity, newer facilities and innovative technologies.
  6. Carrier-neutral Network: This means the provider has the services from multiple Internet service providers. Carrier-neutral sites reflect full network redundancy which ensures high network availability for users.
  7. Green data centers: State-of-art data centers can be said to be equivalent to green data centers with latest energy-efficient cooling technologies and other energy saving methods to minimize the carbon emissions.
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