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5 Things To Consider Before Switching Your Dedicated Server


When VPS or shared hosting wasn’t enough for controlling your business processes, moving to dedicated server was what you thought would just fit in. It is incredibly potent, performs highly exceptional and controls even the most complicated process. Dedicated hosting is better than other web hosting options considering its flexibility, capability and performance.

Nevertheless, these are highly expensive and require a great deal of maintenance that adds to your IT expenditure cost. At some stage, you might think of switching to cloud or VPS, alternative to dedicated hosting that serves sufficiently at moderate prices. But why you need to migrate and when is the right time?

Ask yourself a few questions before you make the big move.
  1. Why you need to switch?

Amidst the idea of transiting from dedicated server to cloud, figure out why you need to move and what problems you are facing with your current device that you are planning to resolve. Take a look at the business processes running, number of mission-critical applications, databases, intensive centralized operations and find out if Cloud or VPS can fulfill the demands. Set your strategies up-front and make a decision.

  1. Which service model can fit in ideally?

Cloud offers three basic service models: PaaS, LaaS and IaaS and before you switch, you need to decide which one would be best for your enterprise. Most probably, infrastructure-as-as-service serves best, unless you are using it for application development, PaaS can be the right choice.

  1. Is your current host providing enough?

Does your current service provider contend your demands? Are they offering optimum services that better serve you or simply assure more and deliver nothing? Your server might be functioning appropriately, but a bad host can mess things up and make you ditch your server.

  1. How much can you save with the new plans?

Are you saving or spending? No wonder dedicated server is an expensive affair, yet, depending on the plans chosen, you could save some good deal of money. However, sometimes moving to the cloud or VPS can actually cost you more than dedicated hosting. Make sure you set your goals, sketch out your budget and find out how much you will be spending on your resources. This will give you an idea of whether you should transit or not.

  1. What issues I have with my server?

Is high expenditure cost compelling you to move? Is it some potential issue with your equipment? Find out what’s possibly wrong with your server that is making you take the long dive. Dedicated server is considered as one of the best web hosting types that excels in every aspect, whether performance or security. However, there might be some problem arising such as managing an unmanaged hosting. It requires great deal of time, set of expertise and capital investment for maintaining it optimally. Cloud services spare you from the cost and effort of maintenance and it can be better to go off with it.

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