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5 Interesting Technology Innovation That Could Reform IT Scenario


The IT industry would never fall short of technology because an arsenal of innovation surrounds them. But it also wouldn’t be bad to upgrade the existing devices for better experience and to improve the way things are done now. In the forthcoming, we expect to see some interesting and jaw dropping devices and hardware that will transform IT strategy. Listed below are a few technologies that IT professionals should consider implementing in their game plan.

Optimized mobile device security features

We always talk about security in most of our pieces and it is so because it is important. Cybercrime still tops the list, the criminal records are escalating, and thus, we require a platform that will support the use of secured encrypted memory space on CPUs. So the intention is to develop a space where user applications can remain safe, especially the mobile devices. In the near future, we might be able to see some system solution that will safeguard the infrastructure even if it is compromised.

Computerized Robots

Capable of doing most of the chores just like that, robots will soon become mainstream. As the artificial intelligence will take new turns, the value of robotic machines will grow as well.

More business-related mobile apps and wearables

Over the years, the use of business-centric mobile applications has risen, as companies are acquainting newer technologies that could boost employee productivity. According to researches, companies are likely to immerse in the environment and increase their IT budget to support easy working through apps. In addition, wearable technologies are also contributing to increasing work efficiency and if given the right execution, it can lead to 30% surge in productivity. Gartner predicts that by 2018, wearable will make a boom in verticals such as law and enforcement, as the employees will have to wear health-tracking devices.

Investing more on cloud computing

We know the current scenario of cloud. Many companies have migrated to the cloud, as they find it convenient to outsource their IT need to third-party data center providers. IDC states that by 2018, half of the IT budget will be cloud-based and certainly, in the next few decades, every organization will be seen on the cloud.

Storage solutions for greener power grid

The trend of using green resources for supporting the energy needs of data centers is expected to continue. Power companies have carried on their research to finding modern approaches that can work consistently to deliver an uninterrupted supply of energy. While hybrid technology isn’t the right choice for usage purpose, initiating new storage solutions can possibly fix the issue and make a path for latest techniques. This would result in protecting data centers and other energy users.

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