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3 Common Myths About Dedicated Server Hosting Busted


When looking for a server that is highly reliable, efficient, sophisticated plus gives you complete individual control over your server, dedicated server always feels the right choice. But all the hype and negativity about dedicated hosting makes the features and benefits seem so unreliable. Let's see the true value of dedicated hosting and clear the misconceptions about the server.

Dedicated hosting means no server control

Individual control and accessibility happens to be the key feature of dedicated server, however, some misconception states that it takes away control from the client and limits access to the server when you have the service provider managing the hardware. The fact is that you don't have physical access to the server and the experts are responsible for maintaining your hardware and looking after its security.

Hardware access and governance significantly depend on the service provider and the services you choose. With fully managed dedicated hosting, the client still has full control of the server, its configurations, and resources.

Dedicated hosting is require big capital investment

If you're choosing dedicated server, then it certainly means you have to invest big, given the range of sophisticated features it offers. Moreover, now many dedicated hosting service providers delivers a range of hosting plans that better suits every need and budget. For instance, you can choose from basic hosting package or go for more advance enterprise level plan, depending on your requirements. Many service providers also let you customize your plans so that you get exactly what you need for your business.

VPS and dedicated server are the same

Not entirely same, but they do share a couple of similar features. A single user resides on a dedicated server that means it is not shared with anyone, while the space and resources on a VPS is shared among a number of users, but it is far safer than shared hosting.

Technical knowledge is a must

Technical support team is always available for assistance, and if you get stuck or have any technical issues, you can get assistance from expertise. However, some basic knowledge about servers can make things a lot easier for you.

Data on dedicated server is always safe

Nothing is safe unless you take proper measures to keep it safe. You need to ensure that your server that your server is well-protected from both natural calamities and human-made errors.

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