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2017 Technology Trends for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


With the start of every new year, the trends in technology always are most search topic. This cloud be the reason that you are here! Few topics are still trending from past years, such as cloud hosting continues to become more extensive. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will boost the business by enhancing user experience in form of Chatbots. The Internet of Things (IoT) becoming more popular since it will boost up customer service. And, yes, collaboration tools will persist to emerge as more and more options of communication will bloom up. Following are few trends which will flourish in the world of technology:

#Trend 1 - The Growth of Internet of Things.

The IoT, or the linking of physical gadgets that communicate with comparable gadgets, enables organizations to gather particular data key to business forms, including tracking down how clients utilize items and gear. One instance of IoT connected to client benefit is the connected cars. With modest sensors and simple cell network, automobile creators and now proactively monitor every feature of the driving background, for example, lights, tire pressure, handling with, etc. By gaining this IoT data and consolidating it with notices, automobile makers, and partnered firms can enable drivers to think about up and coming support needs, modest gas on their ride home, up and coming repair needs, and tips for enhancing gas mileage, in addition to other things. This paves the way to a customer experience encounter for drivers, and this kind of IoT utilize connected to different ventures can have comparative customer experience benefits.

#Trend 2 - Development in Cloud will Continue.

The acceptance of cloud technology changes the organizations at a staggering pace. The current survey gives the impressively more elevated amount of acceptance rate. The attention to cloud computing is developing by more than 80% in the year 2017. About 70% of SMBs are as of now utilizing the cloud-based programming while 90% of SMBs are thought to be utilizing no less than one cloud application. The advantages of cloud computing are unending; it spares time and helps support profitability, promoting innovation and enhancing joint effort. The organizations utilize cloud computing to get to data anywhere by using the gadget. The correct cloud management tool can bring speed, deftness, security, adaptability, and cost effectiveness.

#Trend 3 - The Unification of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Chatbots.

AI is a computer capacity to think for itself in light of earlier learning. Machine Learning is the act of building every one of the calculations that assistance the PC to have an independent perspective. The mix of these advances is making correspondence with clients and partners less demanding through mechanization. Search for intelligent applications that utilize machine learning to assist content, data, or products for clients. Not long from now, retail transactions may happen through a chat window, where the client sign into an instant message app, tells the chatbot what they need, and the AI offers the best fit available in the current stock. This innovation could likewise discover its way into help channels where AI finds help archives, bypassing bolster experts. AI can work in any chat interface, including phone apps, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Hipchat, and SMS. Slack clients as of now collaborate with the basic AI chatbot, "Slackbot." This bot utilizes easy programming to get climate, serve you a GIF, help you to remember an appointment at a day and time, and even address different applications.

#Trend 4 – More E-Money with the hike in Mobile Payment Apps.

With the growth of mobile-friendly websites and applications, the need or I should rather say the use of mobile payments is also on a hike. Mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, are winding up more typical and generally comprehended by both, buyers and SMBs that take in-store payments. Such "vicinity" payment advancements use close field communication, which lets clients remotely pay for products and services by displaying their telephones to NFC per users. A few services, such as Android Pay, likewise layer on different technologies, for example, host card emulation, for expanded security. HCE fundamentally stores and transmits payment card data, for example, the card holder's name and the card number, by means of the cloud. That way, the data can be accessed and exchanged safely by shippers and mobile applications that get access to the cloud. As per research, firm Javelin Strategy, mobile proximity payment volume has tripled since 2013 — it achieved a stunning $10 billion of every 2015 — and is required to increment to $92 billion by 2019. Across the board, solutions are likewise coming to SMBs, particularly retailers. Samsung recently collaborated with Total Merchant Services, which forms payments for small ventures, on the Groovv POS Flex point-of-sale system, intended for little and medium-sized retailers. The system highlights a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6-inch tablet and an EMV-consistent and NFC-empowered payment processing gadget, which is prearranged with a full suite of programming for stock management, reporting, and incorporated marketing.

#Trend 5 – More Collaboration Tool Emerge.

While email is yet the most preferred form used to communicate at work, utilization's of associated mechanism, for example, Google Hangouts, Slack, and Skype for Business are obviously on the ascent, with 42 percent of organizations of all sizes at present exploiting them and all the more hoping to embrace them later on, as per a current review from Spiceworks. As of now, Skype for Business is the most broadly embraced application, trailed by Google Hangouts and Slack. Still, Microsoft Teams, which was disclosed in late 2016, is relied upon to see the most development in the following two years, as indicated by the survey. On the off chance that selection designs remain constant, Microsoft Teams will be the second most normally utilized informing administration in the working environment before the finish of 2018, outperforming Slack and Google Hangouts. Different alternatives in the continuous gathering joint effort advertise incorporate Facebook Workplace and Spark by Cisco Systems. These devices will be particularly useful for SMBs with remote workforces and groups that need to visit, send records and team up continuously.

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